Medicines taken by breastfeeding mothers may pass into breast milk, usually in SMALL quantities and RARELY affects breastfed babies.

💫 Good news is that MOST medications are COMPATIBLE with breastfeeding.

⭐️ According to Thomas Hale, in his book entitled Medications and Mother’s Milk, it is stated that- It is SELDOM required that a breastfeeding mother discontinue breastfeeding, just to take a medication.

👉 Here are some factors to consider when taking a medication if you’re breastfeeding:

✅ How old is the breastfeeding child? Is he healthy?

– You need to be more cautious when taking medicine if baby is premature, newborn or with any health problems-because of their immature/poorly functioning kidneys.

✅ How much breastmilk does your child get?

– A baby or child who is eating other foods in addition to breastmilk will be getting less of the medication that passes into the breastmilk.

✅ Does the medication have a record of safely being given DIRECTLY to babies/children?

– The amount of medication that passes into breastmilk will normally be significantly lower than that given directly to young children.

✅ Can the medicine affect milk production?

Eg: medicines containing Pseudoephedrine

‼️ Please discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks associated with medication you have been prescribed.

👉 Have you ever been told to stop breastfeeding when taking a particular medication?

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