A child is UNDERWEIGHT when his weight is below -2 SD for his age based from the WHO growth chart. In 2019, 14% of children in Malaysia are underweight.

‼️ Adequate nutrition is important to achieve your child’s growth and development potential.

👉 There are many causes why a child can be underweight, but the main reason is usually a child’s DIET. Other causes would be health or emotional problems.

Usually when a child appears small and I ask about the child’s dietary habit, the parent will usually say – ‘He eats very little!! And when I want to give more, he will refuse! 😩

📌 Another thing is that, when it comes to helping a child to gain weight, parents are usually concerned about selecting the BRAND of FORMULA MILK which will be the best to help their child gain weight.

✅ However, rather doing that, why don’t you try to MODIFY your child’s DIET instead!

✅ If you can’t increase the AMOUNT of food you child can take each time, you can try to increase the NUMBER OF MEALS in a day and add more CALORIES and PROTEIN content to each meal.

👉 For example, you can try adding cheese, oil (olive, coconut, sesame), butter and also full cream milk into your child’s diet.

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