Having a picky eater at home can cause a lot of tension in a household especially when it comes to each mealtime. 🀯🀯

🌟 Picky eating not only can effect a child’s GROWTH but also cause other concerns such as psychological, socialisation and also behavioural issues. Because of the child’s limited dietary intake, their daily nutritional needs are not met.

➑️ This can lead to deficiencies such as IRON and ZINc (from low intake of meat, fruits and vegetables) and VITAMIN deficiencies, which can lead to other illnesses and complications.

🍎 Studies have shown that children with picky eating can exert BEHAVIOURAL issues such as withdrawal, anxiety and also depression.

🍎 Your child’s ATTENTION and ENERGY levels can also be effected. which can prevent them from exploring their environment and learn new information efficiently.

🍎 They are more prone to CONSTIPATION due to low fibre diet from low intake of fruits and vegetables.

🍎 Their IMMUNE system can be weakened, making it harder to fight off illnesses and diseases

🍎 There is also an increased risk of WEIGHT problems (under or overweight)

🍎 DENTAL problems if food is limited to snacks/sweets

➑️ I have shared some TIPS on how to overcome picky eating in my previous REEL on my IG account. Can check that out.

➑️ Do seek help from a Paediatrian/Dietitian to tackle this issue early if you’re struggling with a picky eater. 😊

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