Usually after solids are being introduced at around 6 months old, a child can start to have constipation, ie: passing hard and sometimes large stool or even small, pellet-like stool. A child with constipation also pass motion less than 3 times a week.

👉Here are some FOOD IDEAS you can try if your child is struggling with constipation:

✅ Try to offer your child more food with HIGH FIBRE such as fruits and vegetables, whole-grain cereals (oatmeal) or bread (wholemeal instead of white bread). Lentils such as green peas, dhal and also chickpeas contain high fibre too. This adds bulk to the stool and makes it pass through the digestive system more easily.

I have patients who will go for fruits such dragonfruit, papaya, avacado and also watermelon to help their child pass motion. Prunes work well too.

It is just the matter of finding the right one for your child. ☺️

✅ You can also try yogurt which contains probiotics which are ‘good’ bacteria which may help to improve your child’s gut health and hence soften the stools. This worked for my children before.

✅ Remember to offer them enough fluids such as plain water and soup! This avoids dehydration and makes stool softer so that it is passed more easily,

‼️ If your child still has constipation despite dietary measures, do get help from your Paediatrician ya as medications may be needed.

What works for your child to help him/her pass motion better? Share with me! 😄

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